Freedom Schools Austin

Freedom School Austin gives children three fundamental resources needed to develop their potential:

    1. Literacy skills
    2. Character strengths needed to make good decisions
    3. A community that believes in them.

Freedom School’s impact extends to transform college student interns into advocates for children and inspire them to be future leaders, and to deepen the community’s investment in children.

Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® programs are .six-week summer literacy programs led by college student interns. Welcome Table Inc. has been fiscal sponsor of Freedom Schools in Austin, the only program in Central Texas, since 2014. Learn more about our program on Facebook!

Freedom School serves children who most need and yet can least afford summer learning opportunities. Championing the cause to defeat summer learning loss and giving every child an opportunity to succeed is the foundation of  Freedom School.  In addition to the program elements described below, scholars receive two meals and a snack daily.

Information for Parents

Your scholar could be one of the over 100,000 scholars who have had a CDF Freedom Schools® experience since 1995!ReadingClass_IMG_9160.JPG-1024x682

In partnership with Welcome Table Inc., the CDF Freedom Schools®program works hard to ensure each scholar is equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in life. Our program boosts scholars’ motivation to read, and generates a more positive attitude towards learning Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.  It also connects the needs of scholars and families to the resources of their communities.

Servant Leader Interns

Servant Leader Interns are college students with the passion and commitment to be a role model in the life of a child. Interns serve as teachers during classroom activities and mentors through their scholars’ time in Freedom School. Interns are paid a stipend and receive 90 hours of training on curriculum delivery, youth development, and classroom management prior to working in Freedom School.

Site Testing Manager

The Site Testing Manager is a professor, graduate student majoring in education psychology, or a current or retired teacher who will help us assess each student in our program.

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