How Denise gives back to N2N

Neighbor 2 Neighbor-11-EditDenise is a vivacious, energetic young woman who seems always to be in the middle of any activity going on at Neighbor2Neighbor.  Her infectious smile is usually the first thing you notice about her.

Denise first came to N2N at the request of her older sister.  Her sister, raising five grandchildren on her own had found friends at N2N and wanted Denise to experience the same “friendliness and sharing” that she had experienced at the St. James’ Tuesday program.    Denise’s sister told her she would be treated with respect  and fairness.

Denise’s oldest sister has experienced years of hardship: from poor health to a daughter abusing drugs to most recently losing a grandson, an event that nearly sent her “over the edge.,” according to Denise.  That is where Denise stepped in.  She brought her story to Neighbor2Neighbor where the family was offered assistance with food, references for funeral arrangements and referrals for grief counseling.

Denise began to come to N2N on a regular basis and bring others with her.  She is able to see the importance of all working together because that is how she seeks to live her life.  Clean and sober for seven years, Denise has never wanted to go back to a life of abusing drugs and alcohol and now she looks for every opportunity to help others.

When Denise arrives at Founders’ Hall on Tuesdays, the first thing she says after “Hello and how are you?” is “What can I do to help?”  She does everything from helping sort the fresh vegetables to arranging chairs to mopping up after everyone has left.  All the while expressing her gratitude.  Denise loves to talk about the blessings she receives.  She doesn’t always realize what a blessing she is to others.

How Wayne has become an important contributor to N2N


Wayne was born and raised in Austin and attended Lanier High School.  He played football and fondly remembers his principal, one of St. James’ own, the late Mr. Ed Elliot.  After high school, Wayne enlisted in the Army.  For two and a half years, he served his country in an artillery unit.   Wayne was injured while on duty and had to leave the Army. He wandered about for a while kind of at loose ends.  He experienced a few rough periods, then attempted to start over, but was besieged with health problems.  He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which led to other complications, and finally diabetes.

Wayne is the first to tell you that part of his illness is due to neglecting his own health.  Trying to work and take care of his physical needs took its toll on Wayne.  His kidneys began failing and he had to start dialysis.  That changed his life, says Wayne.   But he also says God gave him another chance.  That chance is what brought him to Neighbor2Neighbor.

On a Tuesday, months ago,  Wayne showed up at St. James’ Neighbor2Neighbor program.  He had heard of the program from his friend Denise and eager to be of help, Wayne asked what he could do.  He started out helping another volunteer, and when Freddy stopped coming Wayne took over.  He comes early and starts filling the food bags.  He organizes the shelves and lets us know when we need certain items.  Wayne seems to know what the people need.  He keeps an eye out for the young mother who might need extra diapers, or for the homeless man who needs easy-to-open cans or packages.  He reminds us who received laundry detergent the time before and who could really use it this week.

Wayne’s question is always: “What can I do to help?”  When asked about that Wayne says because he was given a second chance, he wants to use his days helping people.  On disability and not able to work, Wayne  not only volunteers at Neighbor2Neighbor, but at his girlfriend’s mother’s beauty shop and for others in his neighborhood  Wayne has been on dialysis three times a week for eight years, but his positive attitude and eagerness to help others greatly inspires many who have so much more.

Welcome Table Inc. Receives Grant

The Welcome Table Inc., an non profit that provides assistance to families in east Austin, TX, received an $8,000 grant at the end of May, 2013.neighbor2neighbor

The Lola Wright Foundation granted these funds to the Welcome Table to allocate:

  • $4,000 to purchase HEB gift cards for our Neighbor 2 Neighbor program.  Welcome Table’s will distribute these cards to east Austin residents to purchase groceries, gas, and pharmacy goods.
  • $4,000 to improve Welcome Table’s Community Garden.  This money can be used to increase the number of community garden beds from 4 to 8, and might purchase a refrigerator to store produce in as well. welcome table-4

The Lola Wright Foundation is an Austin-based entity that often donates to local brick & mortar projects such as our community garden.

Welcome Table cannot currently help all the neighborhood residents who request its help.  Gift cards are available and our every-other-week Neighbor 2 Neighbor sessions – the cards are allocated on a lottery basis. The Lola Wright grant will allow Welcome Table to increase by 50% the numbers of families that it can reach this year.


The funds will be used on gift cards and the community garden before November 30, 2013.




The East Austin Wellness Center hosted its first Zumbathon on June 1!

Participants from our east Austin neighborhood as well as our parish exercised, ate healthy snacks and enjoyed themselves together.


Zumba is a danced-based exercise full of Latin rhythms.  Luz Santi, CPR AED, was our licensed instructor and led us in a fun-filled celebration of good health.


Luz demonstrated interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.


Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

  • “Zumbathon was a lot of fun.  I hope we do it on a regular basis!”  – Sue R
  • “Can’t wait for the next Zumba experience!” – Lora L
  • “Zumbathon is absolutely fabulous!” – Pam B


Do you want to join the next Zumbathon?  Click here to sign up for our email list and be informed of the next date!

Spaghetti Supper for St. James’ School Families

Last Thursday, May 23, 2013, the church hosted a spaghetti supper for families from St. James’ Episcopal School.  Over 50 parents and children from the school enjoyed a party in Founders Hall.  The spaghetti was donated by Welcome Table Inc.  Other volunteers brought side dishes and desserts.  The food was prepared by volunteers from the congregation including our reliable hospitality team.  School board members and staff also helped make this a wonderful event.  Reverend Lisa, of St. James Episcopal Church, welcomed the St. James’ School families and gave tours of the church.  The children were able to show their parents where they have chapel every Tuesday.  The highlight of the night was the children singing “This Little Light of Mine.”  Events like this bring our church family and our school family closer together.  Thanks to everyone who participated.